A fast and secure website for a dental practice network

We like such projects very much – a website based on WordPress, which is supposed to meet the specific needs of the client, be easy to maintenance fit into a precisely defined budget.

Our client is a network of dental practices with 30 years of tradition. The brand needed an intuitive, fast and safe website, which patients will want to use.

The graphic design of the website was already completed (it was done by our friendly graphic designer batyra.pl).

Why did we decide on such a solution?

First of all because it was most suitable for the client’s needs. The truth is that in Dev2Code the clients and their needs are the most important. A website is a tool which is supposed to do specific things – in this particular case it plays a role of a virtual business card which enables patients to easily find a company on the Internet, quickly learn about services or choose “their” dentist. Therefore, it did not require extensive functionalities or advanced technology. Extending a ready-made WordPress template and adding some proprietary elements is usually much faster than coding the page from scratch.

What we did

Our task was to execute the whole process: to develop the theme, create the page and install it on the server. Having identified the client’s needs, we decided to base the site on WordPress and our custom template based on Nebula Theme.  We added a few original elements, written by us from scratch, and voila! 😉


  • WordPress
  • Nebula Theme
  • Responsive design