Bluetooth marketing system

It is a distributed system for sending advertisements or promotional codes using the Bluetooth protocol.


  1. Recognition of the target device – phone.
  2. Remote management of Bluetooth stations using a GPRS connection and no routine IP.
  3. Automate upgrade of systems in Bluetooth stations using a GPRS connection and no routine IP.
  4. Transferring data from base points to the central server.
  5. Statistical analysis of sent advertisements and codes.


Ad. 1. The base station system had a database consisting of MAC addresses that goal was to inform what type of device is within the range of Bluetooth antennas. In case of correct identification of the Phone or Tablet – an attempt is made to connect and upload the file.

Ad. 2/3. The central server of the whole distributed base point system was at the same time a VPN server. It is possible for all base points to log in through the IP address inside the VPN network directly after the IP provided by the GPRS network despite the lack of connection. It was possible to send data files and system files to base stations.

Ad. 4 Base stations through the VPN check if there were new data to download. In the case of a positive response, the downloaded data were used.

Ad. 5. Base stations sent data to the central server. They are collected in the database and can be used to create statistics and analyses.


The system was built on the basis of the Linux operating system. The following elements were used :

  • Bluetooth Stack – on base stations – to handle connections with target devices
  • OpenVPN – all over the network.
  • Postgres – as a database on both the central server and base stations
  • Apache with PHP as easy access to the central server, adding new data, analysis and statistics.

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