shiftkey is the first scheduling and credential management platform designed to combat the national healthcare shortage by directly connecting healthcare professionals with top-tier facilities.

What we did

Initially we were engaged in developing the first version of shiftkey back when it was a startup. However, the client was so satisfied with the cooperation that he commissioned us to continue working on the system.

Our cooperation evolved. From an ordinary contractor we were trusted to build a team of developers for Shiftkey. First, we provided our inhouse full-stack developers and with time we expanded the team by external talents we recruited on the market.

The team responsibilities include development and maintenance of the new platform for scheduling and credential management for medical personnel in the United States.

  • Adding and managing users and medical facilities
  • Verification of the entitlements and job history of medical workers
  • Editing medical facilities lists and profiles
  • Invoicing
  • Making payments for employees


  • Laravel 5.x
  • VueJS
  • Bitbucket Pipelines

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