Urbanedge Apartments

Urbanedge Apartments is a web service that stores information about apartments to rent in New York. It allowed browsing and searching listings based on localization, price, rooms and more specific requirements.

What we did

Our responsibilities included the development and maintenance of the  urbanedge.apartments portal. We are also responsible for adding new feeds (XML files with housing information) from external  sources and creating dedicated export feeds

The closest equivalent on the Polish market is Otodom.pl

  • Import / Export feed management system
  • Custom mapping for feeds
  • Managing companies
  • Managing buildings for individuals as well as companies
  • Managing appartments information
  • Interactive map of NY allowing to view available appartments
  • Apartment search by bedrooms, bathrooms, building and apartments amenities and location


  • Laravel 4.x
  • AngularJS
  • Nginx
  • XML feeds (MITS, Streeteasy)

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